The World Is What You Think It Is

What Movie Would You Like To See?

Do you think the world is a place of war and greed?

Do you think the world is a place in which the fittest will survive?

Do you think the world is a loving and compassionate place?

Do you think the world will be a place of continuous rising of consciousness?

Do you think the world is made of ones and zeros?

Whatever you think, you are right.

It is your reality.

Your thoughts make up your reality.

Your entire experience here is constructed from the way your thinking is being reflected from your consciousness.

It is like watching a movie in a cinema.

The images you see are made of thought. Your thoughts.

The projector is your consciousness.

The powercable is the energy that feeds the projector and that cable is mind.

The only way to stop your thoughts or change them is to go to your projector and put on a different movie.

Now imagine that you are in that cinema in the middle of a really frightening scene.

The music becomes louder, tension is rising, a girl is walking down the stairs in her home with a flickering flashlight, there are some strange noises downstairs and then suddenly a smart phone goes off beside you in the cinema. Suddenly the tension drops, the excitement is gone. The moment is gone.

It is the same when you have an insight.

When you have a conversation with someone about The Three Principles in which you try to understand them or you are watching a video about it or you are reading a book about it, you might not think of The Three Principles being that special.

Suddenly some days or even some weeks later your ‘smart phone’ goes of.

And you have an insight. An OMG experience. A positive one in this case…

At an instant you know what to do or create.

That’s the power of The Three Principles. You might expect insights whenever you want it, whenever it suits you, whenever you need them. But it never does.

It always happens at unexpected moments.

So, be aware, when you are mindful, have a clear mind, you will experience them.

Today I was at the physiotherapist.

I am not yet able to tap into my innate health system to cure myself with my thinking.

Although I am experimenting with The Dynamind Technique.

I was lying on my belly, getting treatment for my achilles.

I talked and talked and talked. I had to. Share The Three Prinples.

My physio is a curious and studious guy. We often share thoughts, knowledge and have great fun.

His and my consciousness swapped from the treatment to the conversation and back again.

He was really interested. I explained mind, thought and inside out guided with some nice examples which he liked.

I wonder now, will he get an insight even if we weren’t deeply connected in the conversation?

What do you think?

Let’s wait and see.

I might see something for myself as well….

I know, insights also come from sharing.

Maybe even most of the time.

Let’s wait and see.

Maybe you’ll get one as well….

Love all, play to the max, achieve anything. Be Awesome.