What Do You Want or Need?

Your wants and needs?

This blog had almost 14.000 readers within the past 7 weeks. That’s an average of 285 visitors each day. On day 129 there were over 1000 visitors….. Thanx so much!

Since you probably know I want to create a community of 144.000 awesome people that will change the lives of other people, I need to know what you want or need to be able to do so and be part of that community.

This community will start life changing businesses, projects and ventures. Through that we will erase poverty, hunger, energy shortages, water shortages, exploitation of nature, violence, people abuse and greed. Can you imagine a world like that?

I can and I know we must.

The 9 Basic Human Needs.

  • Security
  • Acceptance
  • Community
  • Exchange
  • Expression
  • Expansion
  • Power
  • Adventure
  • Freedom

Give me the specifications

We all know this but I want your specifications. You are the only ones to be able to state it.

When you do that we are:

  1. Making sure we build that community.
  2. Making sure I give you the awesome products to foster your awesomeness.
  3. Making sure I give you the tools to keep focussing to boost your productivity.
  4. Making sure you are able to remove all the anxiety and rubbish running inside your head.
  5. Making sure you will persevere in living your purpose.
  6. Making sure you will be happy and successful.
  7. Making sure your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, products and services will be sold to make a difference in the lives ot other people.
  8. Making sure you will live a healthy life being fully present.
  9. Making sure you show you care and love openly.
  10. Making sure you tap into your awesomeness each day.

Express it

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‘Have Purpose, Take Off’ — Get rid of the bullshit in your head an body!-

Already you can become a member of the community by diving into the stuff I already put out here. I will be very thankful.

But once more, perhaps and I know for sure, you know even better what YOU want or need. So, take the chance. I will make it no matter what it takes……!

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