Where Is This So-Called Paradise?

The most famous example of arrogance is the story about Eve, seduced by the snake, still decided to eat from the forbidden fruit. The snake said; “You will not die at all, on the contrary, God knows you will open your eyes as soon as you eat from it, you will be as gods and have knowledge of the good and the bad.” And this is where paradise ended.

This puzzled me.

First eat something in order to be able to see something …..?

People as gods …..?

Knowledge of the good and the bad …..?

By this the world of separation arose even though it is just a story about Eve and Adam which is probably not even true. Still, the reality of each day is a reality of separation, of segregation. Or do we see unity around us each day? Or unconditional love. Not a lot of us can see it. Or actually do see it. It is there. I can see it. Can you?

Most of us are of and in that same separate reality.

Separation; the one can not exist without the other. The one needs the other to survive. A world of cause and effect. If you do this, you will get this and if you are not doing that, you will not get that. You and I, good and evil, poor and rich, happy and unhappy, faith and doubt, trust and distrust.

And… what arose as well is that we think we own free will and a freedom of choice. Just take a look at the story of Eve, seduced by the devil disquised as a snake. One seduction and we are gone.

We think we can determine our happiness, success, our fulfillment ourselves. Our life is at our disposal to do whatever we like with it. We are the director of our own happenings in our lives.

This might even be the height of our arrogance.

To even think we have control over our lives. That we have the power to make our dreams come true.

This is not a bad thing.

It is what it is.

At the same time this all does not matter at all.

It is what it is.

This is also what is; life itself can not be determined. Can not be led. Life is boundless energy and it is wild, chaotic, unguided and unpredictable.

When we follow the story of Genesis: We are not God. We don’t have the capacity to discern the one from the other. We just made up some stories about it, all made up by ourselves. Through the centuries we have cultivated these stories. You cultivated them to make space for your I to live. At the costs of others. Always. Whether you were living in the East, West, South or North.

These I’s are all psychological constructs composed of opinions, standards, values, desires, dreams, assumptions, stories, guidelines, preassumptions, features and qualities others out there put there, inside of you. They derive from a world of separation. Nothing comes from you. There is no authentic you or I. Not even the emotions, experiences, feelings and thoughts you identify yourself with. You are nothing as an I and that’s why you are not the paradise in which you actually live each day.

This paradise in which we still live, yes still, is you. It is not your possession, you are it. It is all and at the same time it is nothing (you can not hold it or see it, do you? — scientifically speaking you are biophotons = energy).

You might only understand this when your I has gone.

All that remains is life energy.

The energy that is loving, complete, whole, unguided, chaotic, childlike, unpredictable, spontaneous and fulfilled. WOW!

You don’t need any external seduction to step into this. It is not something you can go to. Or develop yourself into. It can not be obtained.

An I can be seduced, life energy can not.

Life energy is.

It is being.

It can not step into something.

This energy does not know itself.

This energy is unknowing.

This energy does not hold any knowledge by itself.

It is.

It is everywhere.

It is boundless.

It extends as far as black holes and worm holes.

And beyond.

It does not know time and energy.

It does not advice.

It does not know any paths or ways to.

It does not have a goal, an intention, a wish of desire.

It just lives, already complete and whole of itself.

It does not set conditions.

Everything is a part of it.

Separation as well.

War and peace as well.

Poor and rich as well.

Tsunamis and new sustainable energy production as well.

It does not repair or adjust anything.

Everything is. As it is.

Life is as it is.

Like paradise.

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