Your Sensitivity In The Moment

You are thinking in the moment and I am thinking in the moment.

You have your habits in the way you think and I have my habits in the way I think.

You have your own levels of stress and I have my own levels of stress.

By misusing your habits in the way you think you can develop levels of stress that are unnecessarily high.

For instance you read a lot about burglaries in your neighbourhood.

It reminds you of situations from your childhood in which you felt unsave.

For instance; they were bullying you at school, your father was never satisfied with your grades, you lived in a poor environment where people had to struggle to make a living etc.

So, you start to secure your home beter than you’ve done it before. Extra locks, alarm system and even placing some shutters in front of the windows.

When you come home from your vacation you notice your house has been robbed. All the valuables are gone.

And you can’t figure out why.

Another example; some colleagues think the boss is a dominant asshole, some colleagues think he is a real teddybear.

Both examples are here to show you that each individual has her or his own thinking about something.

Your thinking in the moment determines your experiences of the moment delivered to you through your consciousness. Your senses make sure you have the experience. And….? You experience them like they are true to you.

One thing however is really important to know.

What somebody else is thinking and through that expressing is not your way of thinking and expressing.

This means you don’t have to take over the mood or feelings the other person is having in that moment.

In fact you don’t have to take over the emotions of anything outside of you. You are not living form the outside in, remember?

It is just your thinking and their thinking being expressed.

The thinking that cause them to feel something is not your feeling.

You can only be responsible for your own thinking without trying to control it.

Knowing your thinking determines your experiences and feelings combined with the knowledge that thoughts come and go, and they will continue to come and go all the time, is enough to know you can have peace of mind.

And peace of mind is really important to stay healthy.

The Principle of Thought is a creation of Mind.

Universal intelligence gave this knowledge to us.

It was given to us combined with the gift of innate health.

Innate health is working closely together with the Principle of Thought to make sure you stay healthy or regain your health should you be sick or suffer from stress or suffer from a depression or addiction.

The Three Principles as a total are here to make sure you have a healthy, free and creative life.

That was the whole idea of being born here after all.

To experience a healthy, free and creative life overall.

Of course you will have ups and downs.

That’s as sure as the tide that comes and goes, it’s as sure as gravity will always be there, it’s as sure as the sun will rise each morning.

By understanding the truth of The Three Principles you will be sure your consciousness will evolve every time you have an insight.

Insights that derive from peace of mind,

Insights that derive from independent wise thinking.

Insights that derive from creating the things you love to create.

Insights that derive from the sensitivity you develop of witnessing your clear thoughts.

Hmmmmm….? Last sentence clear enough?

What I mean? No, never mind, think you clear thoughts about it. It is your experience of it.

Love all, play to the max, achieve anything. Be Awesome.

For those of you who are reading my posts just recently, I am writing about the Three Principles for about 39 days ago, starting at day 405.

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