5 reasons to apply to Red Brick Accelerator

by Maryna Mikhuta

If you are a team located in Tampere region (or elsewhere in Finland, but ready to relocate to Tampere for a while or for good) and you have that brilliant business idea you have been working on, then fasten your seat belts! 2019 is coming and it is going to be a kick-ass year for startup community.
 It is not a secret that many great business ideas die out due to lack of proper support. Bad news is it can be really frustrating experiencing that. Good news is we have a solution to this problem.

Here are 5 good reasons to apply to RBA program:

1. Proper idea validation.

Idea validation process is all about feedback. Most of startup ideas are based on our assumption that we have a product people would love to buy. We have a tendency to fall in love with our product too and forget to ask for opinion of others. In order to avoid this “blind spot” situation, RBA connects you with high-level validation coaches who will help you test your idea further.

2. Grow together with like-minded people

Enthusiasm is addictive. 15–20 entrepreneurial minded enthusiasts in the same room who are working on amazing ideas surely boost ones’ confidence. Peer encouragement in slight crisis moments is important. So is celebrating success together!

3. Professional coaching

The program is designed to support early-stage development in various segments such as: iteration, value creation, UX, UI, visibility, growth, sales, funding and many more. Through workshops and bootcamps we connect you with best coaches in their industry who will help you take your idea to the next level!

4. Networking

Networking is crucial for your startup! It brings you clients, partners, new ideas and opportunities. As French say: “luxe véritable, et c’est celui des relations humaines” (“there is only one true luxury, that of human relationships”). Or in everyday English: “go talk to people”! Different networking events will help you get more familiar with entire startup community, find new team members and finally meet some of the investors.

5. It is free! And we have prizes too!

Participation is free! Our main goal is to provide valuable experience for startup ideas and make them ready for the next level. And there is program’s cherry on the top — Demo Day! 
Demo Day pitching competition is definitely something to look forward to. There you will do your best to pitch your idea to jury and investors. This will make you put into practice the learning you have got in the 4 weeks coaching period. And we have not forgotten prizes for you! Winning teams on Demo Day get a place in next-level accelerator, starting March 2019 (more info coming up), free tickets to Startup World Cup Festival in March 2019 and we have a spicy third prize which will be revealed on the very night!

Red Brick Accelerator is a 4-week intensive coaching program for early-stage startup ideas. It takes place on Jan 14 — Feb 8, the location is Tribe Tampere. The program consists of 20+ workshops, bootcamps or coaching sessions provided by top-level experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.
Sounds like an amazing opportunity, right? Applications are open so make sure you send one here by December 5. We are selecting only 10 teams, so hurry up!