Why an entrepreneur should attend TEDxTampereUniversity

This TEDx organized in Tampere is not only hosted by a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. The chosen theme is “Realizing Utopias” as we believe the future can be bright if we all work together. We believe that each person can have different views on what makes a perfect world. For this reason we
made it our mission to bringing together a variety of personal stories that create a better tomorrow.

TEDxTampereUniversity is not only for university students. This half day event is an ideal occasion for Tribe’s community. Let me tell you why…

#1 — Learn more

According to Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Bloomberg, an eagerness to learn new things should be lifelong trait. “Why” questions are powerful for people who thrive for curiosity and knowledge broadening. TEDxTampereUniversity is a place for all the “why” questions you might have. At the event, you do not only learn new ideas from speakers, but you can also learn the reason why the person next to you is coming to the event.

#2 — Network

As an event made for great ideas to be shared, networking is a part of an inevitable experience. The conference will bring together nearly 200 people. This is a chance to make new connections, and who knows, you might meet people with the same utopia dreams. Together we can make those dreams come true!

#3 — Be inspired

When we talk about a TEDx conference, the word usually comes to mind is “inspirational speakers” At the event, amazing speakers from different fields gather to share their stories and ideas. They are inspirational not only in the delivering style in the stories, but most importantly in their passion and
determination towards their beliefs. Being passionate and motivated is what any entrepreneur should possess. Even though it is not a skill that can be learnt easily, learning from other people’s experience can create a force of inspiration that leads to actions.

TEDxTampereUniversity will be held at Hällä Näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25 on 27th of February. For more information follow TEDxTampereUniversity at: