Corporate video is broken.

Let’s fix it together.

At Tributaries, we mainly work with an aspirational audience — surfers, fly fishermen, people who chase their passions. From our experience, we know our audience is enthralled when they get to the core of a brand, of a story, of an adventure. Corporate videos are a homogenized world, we want to take your audience a step deeper into who your company is, what it stands for.

Whether it’s telling your brand story to investors or customers, highlighting your product or service advantages, or building employee profiles to strengthen your corporate culture — we can help tell a story that’s engaging, interesting and fun.

Our goal in this web series is to tell the unique stories within the company in order to create an authentic connection with our customers. Instead of any other product interaction by our audience, we want our people to feel as if they’re inviting an old friend into their home, sincerely connect.

Furthermore, telling the stories of your team-members not only shows the public how important they are, but also demonstrates the importance internally.

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