Racism Doesn’t Really Exist
Jasky Singh

Matt Bautista condensed it well. the victims/or not so much victims should not have to change their perspective. the oppressor is the one who needs to consider “there's no such thing as race… we are all the same, homo sapiens etc…” if they were successful, the oppressed wouldnt need one more thing added to their plate to deal with and adapt to. and you would not have needed to even write this article. maybe to save your rapport with those who think you should know better… try writing one like this for the obviously privileged and what they should be doing instead of giving others a reason to worry when they come around…

please look into Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, for a psychological understanding of this topic, from a brown/black person perspective. She has spent her life deducing this very subject and what it means and how to recognize it.

until the system of racism white supremacy is no longer, there will be nowhere a person of melanin can run or turn for escape and solace or a place where ones can just exist, without having to brace ones selves or keep their resolve up not to let the next attack, no matter how minuscule or overt, make them sink to the oppressors level and make them lose their peace among other things…

racism white supremacy is what makes the world go round in this day and age, and has been since they first started their conquests of the lands of ppl of melanin. the world has not been the same since. and the roots of racism white supremacy is so entrenched, no simple thought process on the part of the oppressed can really combat or neutralize the threat. its everywhere you look. whether you want to see it or not.

do the oppressed need to all take your suggestion 100% across the globe? if that actually happened, hypothetically speaking, then is there no recourse for those who made 100% of the black & brown population change their minds about their experiences? when do we get to them and have 100% of them to change their habits and attitudes towards us?

it is great (i guess) you haven’t experienced much, or so you think, in your life… but how can you be in Australia and not understand what is happening to the aboriginal people??? any country with ppl of melanin, especially ran by those lacking it, there are atrocious laws and attitudes set in place to keep those with the most melanin at the bottom… and for those countries run by those with melanin, you have the issue of colorism, who is the lightest of the melanated? those are promoted and celebrated, while the darker ones are shunned and cast aside for menial work and opportunity…

and what is your input towards the way the dalit/dravidian people of India are treated? or growing in Australia has you uprooted and disconnected from the horrors of your ancestors? only until the aryan people invaded, there was no caste system based on color/shade. once they came, hinduism took on a white is the best mindset (brahmins generally look straight european… what shade of ppl do you see in bollywood?) and left these black dalits/untouchables in the dust… lower than a snakes belly… and this is still going on as we speak… who will be their voice? certainly a transplanted countryman as yourself should be their #1 activist… but since there are ones who know and cast not their opinion of the disgusting reality of the matter, ones like myself hold the torch for the untouchables of India… as well as my own ancestors, and black n brown people across the globe. we have one common denominator to our shared woes and shared station in life, no matter where your black and brown originates… can you guess what/who that is?

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