The 10 Great Websites To Build New Knowledge — Do Something Today

It amazes me even today the lack of initiative of individuals who just take the easy road all the time and not put in the work to learn something new. I am venting a bit, for those of you who are entrepreneurs and have teams you manage it’s absolutely shocking why laziness creeps into teams. Of course we all have great team leaders, but when questions arise, self-discovery is crucial to eliminate time wasting (not creative thinking or idea generation), as answers can be found on the two easiest platforms: YouTube or Google.

As the owner of multi location businesses, during the stressful times of tax season it can be overwhelming like any business that experiences a “busy season”. When questions come back through our channels that don’t require tax research, it just amazes me that the concept of doing a simple Google search which will answer most simple tax questions or provide context and examples vs. a waste of time emails and voicemails. This happens in any business and building a self-initiative mindset for the team is imperative for long-term growth of any organization. I know this is common sense but I hear the same challenge again and again when consulting with other entrepreneurs.

How often are you recommending to your team (including yourself as the business owner) to learn something new? It might be a technology platform or a new social media and/or marketing channels that might help your brand and business — such as Snapchat, Medium, Merrkat, Ello, Listicles, Reddit, Yik Yak, Yo and of course learning the benefits of Facebook ads. It might involve learning new eating habits, workouts or health issues that might improve the quality of your life. Maybe learning something about history or worldwide economic affairs might enhance the value of your next speaking engagement.

Today there are many websites that are full of learning resources that you don’t need to go to an overpriced school with a crowded classroom and in many cases the results are poor.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LEARNING A NEW SKILL especially to increase your value to the marketplace, or for your career and life. I look at our outsourcing partner teams in the Philippines and they are always focused on learning new skills and there are never any excuses.

Check out these 10 Great Websites covering online courses, data, languages, and knowledge resources to increase your knowledge:

1. Coursera — free online courses

2. Academic Earth — free online college courses

3. Highbrow — subscription service that comes via and email subscription

4. Udemy — over 30,000 courses and your own pace

5. Lynda — fee based online courses in business, creativity and technology

6. Duolingo — learn a language

7. Ted-Ed — quick and concise topic understandings

8. Khan Academy — instructional videos

9. DataCamp — Data science

10. SquareKnot — How to Make Stuff

Of course there are plenty more and one I highly recommend with extensive deep dive into a subject (they are paid courses, not free) is The Great Courses. The digital library of courses is vast and covers over 500 subjects through video and text. The price ranges start at $20 and upward to $250. The best thing is that you can review the courses ongoing and use the tools in your career and business.

The “Writing Your Book “ for entrepreneurs online course is in the works — and will be discussed in detail with the launch next week of the updated website If you are interested in learning more, ping me an email at

No excuses time to build some new knowledge today and use it in your business and your life!

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