Knowing More about Silk Pashmina before Buying

Fine cashmere wool, generally recognized as Pashmina has been an integral part of customary clothing for years. At one time, the shawls and scarves woven from these natural fibers were worn by the Indian kings and queens.

Today, this wool has become very popular all over the world. Since pashmina can be blended with other fabrics like silk, it is typically used to design & knit shawls, scarves, and stoles, which are widely in demand in worldwide markets.

Let’s discuss some things about, how Pashmina is made, its categories, its price, caring needed, picking the best, etc. That way you are able to make a good shawl choice for yourself or for a unique woman’s gift for any season and occasion.

How is Pashmina Made?
The procedure of making pashmina is termed as Kasida, a special sort of Kashmiri weaving plus embroidery art in some cases. The wool castoff in Pashmina is garnered from Himalayan mountain goats, only once in a year, usually in spring season.

The gathered wool is then twirled to harvest threads, and then dyed in numerous attractive colors. These dyed threads are being woven to create accessories with layers or plys of yarn. While the weightiest one is termed as four ply, and the lighter one is known as one ply. 4 ply Pashmina Cashmere shawls are great for cold seasons like fall & winter wear.

Pashmina & Silk Shawls
Silk pashmina has not been brand advertised as yet, like the Cashmere pashmina. Pashmina yarn is very light and delicate so to add durability and sheen for evening wear Silk Pashmina Shawls have through the last few decades become popular especially for evening shawls and wraps as the feel of the shawl is gorgeous and it is more durable too.

Price of Pashmina
The process of making Pashmina is long and time staking as many shawls are hand woven though today the Pashmina Industry has machine made Pashminas to keep up with the increasing demand for Pashminas. Adding some embroidery or hand crafting adds to the time and effort involved. Pashmina is an exclusive yarn. Some of the Shawls have exclusive handicraft and so price depends on the quality of pashmina wool, silk, handwork and the markups that stores have. Buying online Pashmina shawls ensures you an affordable shawl wrap as overheads are low. Women love good shawl bargains and love the convenience of online shopping.

Selecting Pashmina Shawls and Wraps
Selecting a Pashmina generally depends on the season and the occasion. You must keep in mind the degree of warmth you need, ensure the shawl compliments the dress or outfit you are wearing it with in terms of color and designer weaves. Having a few solid Pashmina shawls in classic black, beige, camel, navy, dark brown, burgundy, red, ivory, white and cream will complete your wardrobe for you. Buy Pashmina & Silk for spring and summer and part of fall then buy Pashmina wool as the seasons get colder into fall and winter. There are art pashminas which are just brand names and then there are real Pashmina from India, Nepal & Inner Mongolia. Some women want to pay a higher price for the Nepal premium pashmina and others want a soft nice feeling shawl for a lower price so the manufacturers have all kinds of Pashmina available for the wide range of demand for different budgets.

Caring For Pashmina
Once you have purchased a Silk Pashmina Shawl, it is very important to take care of it the correct way. The innocuous way to clean this is by dry cleaning it. If you wish to hand wash it then use Woolite laundry detergent and then rinse it with cool water. Pat dry and lay it on a flat surface to dry.

In a Nutshell
If you are planning to purchase silk pashmina products from a reputed online designer store you must go through their complete product-line to ensure you pick the best that they have to offer. Most shawl sites online carry a wide variety of colors and designs in Pashmina & Silk blend to cater to all your shawl needs for any season.

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