Types of Pashmina Shawl Available Today

The search term Pashmina Shawl online leads customers to all kinds of Pashmina Shawl sites and some of them do have the beautiful Silk Pashmina shawls and Pashmina wool shawls others have Pashmina made of Viscose acrylic and bamboo rayon. The true authentic Pashmina from India, Nepal, Inner Mongolia, Turkey will range from a reasonable $14.99 upwards depending on various factors like quality, combining Pashmina wool with silk and then keeping in mind the quality on the silk used, shipping costs as pashminas are imported into the U.S. , customs duties , type of embroidery or handcrafted artisan quality work on it all affect pricing. Embroidered shawls are typically $34.99 up and the hand crafted original shawls range $44.99 and up.

In the U.S. & in other countries it seems like customers want shawls with the soft feel of pashmina at varying price points including real budget shawls for bulk purchase as in Pashmina wedding favors which has led to Pashmina being considered more of a brand name than the yarn. Chain stores and even stores at the mall & online want to satisfy customer requests for affordable shawls — hence since the last decade Pashmina has become a brand statement and a fashion statement every woman wants to make. Some Shawls carry a Pashmina tag but yarn could be different like rayon or viscose in such a case Pashmina is used as a brand name rather than the real Pashmina or Pashm yarn a Persian word for fine cashmere wool from the Himalayan mountain goat called Capra Hircus. These mountain goats are domesticated and used for their underfur to weave cashmere pashmina scarves and shawls. This is a thriving industry as the fashion designers have given this yarn so much attention that every woman today wants a Pashmina. This increased demand for this shawl has led manufacturers to make it in many different yarns to satisfy the demand in different price points leading to the commercialization of the term Pashmina from a yarn to a brand fashion statement. This means you will find authentic pashmina and more varieties in the worldwide shawl Industry. It is the consumers that have led to this phenomena that suppliers have acted on to satisfy demand and supply scenario. The fashion pashminas in viscose or other soft yarns range in the $4.99 to $9.99 range depending on the quality and other ancillary costs. If you pay a little more for $14.99 and up you can get beautiful silk pashminas and the pashmina wool shawls can be procured around $34.99 and up from online sites as they have low overheads.

The advantage to buying pashmina online is a lot of stores online function at low resale margins and try to move volume so customers get rare designer shawls at a fraction of the price compared to shopping at the mall. There are shawl stores that incur high expenses on a fancy showroom and that affects the cost of the shawl too. Finding a store with good service coupled with a decent sale price on Pashminas is key and women generally are great with shopping good deals on quality accessories.

Yours Elegantly has a such a vast shawl collection that there is something for everyone’s shawl needs. The shawls come from various suppliers / manufacturers in India, Nepal, Inner Mongolia which are largest cashmere yarn producing countries in the world. They are popularly called the Land of Pashminas. The shawl variety you will find at this store is vast, unique and the handcrafted shawls are a rare find as they are especially made for you in 1–2 days. YE has a niche in handcrafted embroidered shawls and they make the best wedding bridal bridesmaids gifts, & Holiday gifts. Pashminas are unique Corporate gift ideas and with the ever increasing range of shawls they are a favorite accessory for gifts for women and men. Golf clubs buy wholesale cashmere scarves to be used as gifts in tournaments and that leds a special touch to the event. Wedding Event planners love the pashminas at all varying price points as each bride has a different wedding budget to work with and choice of 300 shades of colors to match any event color scheme. The customer service at YE is friendly and helpful in matching shawls to a special occasion /event. Phone orders are welcome, emails are quickly answered and there are coupon codes and free shipping specials when you opt in for the specials online.