Do do my nos sound like moans, do they hit your eardrums softly while you stroke your manhood, or can you hear the rage and terror in my voice, do they fall on deaf ears do you tune me out and confuse my plead with passion. I can still hear your voice whispering baby while I remove your hands from my breast as my voice echoes in my room. I can still feel your hands sliding down my body as you try to split my legs open, hold on to me as I try to escape you, do my nos sound like moans? do my nos sound like acceptance? Can you feel me shoving you, fighting for my freedom.

I can hear the struggle in my voice, I can feel myself letting go again, drowning in the past of my childhood, the only difference is I welcomed you here. Allowed you to breathe promises into my darkness, pull parts of me into you. Is that why you feel you can nolonger hear my nos? Is that why my voice has fallen mute? baby do my nos sound like moans does my fight for freedom from your hands as you try to enter me with out my consent does it excite you that I’m breaking, that I can see uncles face in your eyes, can you feel me crumble as I take a back seat to my demise allow you to ruin the only part of goodness in me I have left.I guess my Nos were never nos, I guess i should’ve been firm, but my weakness is not understanding that your presence was not welcomed to begin with.