my country is full of men, men in sheep’s clothing they come at night remove their clothing and ask for me to hold them as they let out tears of weakness they’ve been dying full of lies, mains, and sides we as women have graduated from lovers to a three course meal they eat us raw with shame see us fall apart to their games and walk away full with pride when their taste buds weaken and we no longer fill their standards they push us aside and look for a new appetizer the men in my country are full full of shit that they conjure up to make us fall to their knees but we’ve allow them to, we’ve given parts of us that we once valued more thn life we went from saving ourselves for a purpose to opening ourselves up for their purpose and survival. We’ve graduated from love to lust we fight ourselves, bury our hearts in pain and listen to break up songs when they tell us their not ready but you knew that already, but you trust love stories and blissful endings more thn your instincts so at night when you lie awake questioning your Beauty and existence you forget to remember that when he met you he said I’m not looking for something when you feel your tears rushing down your face feeling used you forget to remember that you opened up your temple hoping that it could change him and knowing it wouldn’t we as women have become weakened we’ve fallen without a fight we’ve crumbled lost sight of our worth and allowed those who never belonged to enter they played hide and seek with our hearts and we’ve laughed hoping to win the game. My country is full of men in sheep’s clothing at night they come and ask me to hold them eyes full with tears knowing what they’ve done and what they’ve been allowed to do they breathe heavily into my ears making sure I hear them weep. My women our dying loosing themselves to men who they once called kings, because love has become a dirty four letter word that is used to open legs and mouths deep throat pleasure and day dreams of a future that manifest into broken hearts and question periods of where do we stand now.

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