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Bravo. Scientific Fact is we are taught in Biology that the sperm and the egg are alive and die only if impregnation does not happen within a few short days. In the first few weeks the heart is developing and with in 4–6 weeks a heartbeat can be detected on the monitors. This baby is moving and growing inside of the womb. It is not like for nine months the mother is just getting fat and then for no reason whats so ever out pops and living human being. No, it is a baby from the start. The sperm swim to the egg which gives proof that even in its tiniest stages of life the baby has the ability to move on its own. It is only dependent upon the mother for food and oxygen while it is growing and developing its organs. We plant a seed in the grass and the leaves of the plant pop up through the ground and we call that alive before it ever produces its flowers or fruits. We give more characteristics to a seedling that has just sprouted than we do to a baby embryo that is growing and developing. People refuse to see it as a baby so that they feel better about killing or agreeing that killing the baby is ok — a woman’s right. It is not the woman’s right to kill the baby.

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