You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Many will argue that the government doesn’t pay for abortions. You are correct. But they do support planned parenthood which is a disgrace to all women. Planned parenthood is about making money on abortions. In 2014 they paid out over $6million a year to their President, CEO’s and VP’s alone with each making a nice salary of at least $200K+ or more a year (and only two are in the $200K range). All in the name of a woman’s right? Wow. They pay consulting firms over $11Million — Yes $11Million — a year to push their propeganda. They paid over $2 Million to campaigns in 2014 alone, In 2014 their total revenue was $195,663,927 They somehow managed to hold their head above water claiming a expenses of of $199,291,656. (supporting those campaign trails must have been brutal — no wonder they are mad they lost). But how are they still open with a $4million dollar deficit? I mean that would just totally wipe me out. Oh but wait they started the year off with a meager $278,574,195 in the bank. You know just in case.

From 2010–2015 over $8 million in gifts and grants. Of that only $2.25 Million was from Public Support. That is $6 million in total support from Gifts and Grants. Nice Job. When you get to the grantor section of the taxes — they don’t even list who the grantors are. They do list whether it is an individual or non-cash. There are 4 individuals listed who donated the following amounts $5 Mill, $15 Mill, $25 Mill, and $20 Mill. That is a lot of money to be donated from an individual. Purely speculation but sounds like something is being bought here. Also they listed it as from Individuals, but they only got $2.25 million from public support and the rest is from grants and gifts. Either those are some suspiciously hefty gifts — and their numbers do not compute as far as how much they received from public support — or they are from grants. Although it does not state where their grants came from. Since they mark further down on the report that they receive a substantial amount of money from a governmental unit or the general public and they already stated they get $2.25 mill from the public, it would leave one to believe these are Government Grants.

No they are not making money off of abortions. They are just concerned about women’s health. They are not over charging or financially raping women at a time when they are making one of the most difficult decisions of their life or any decision at all about her personal care and her body. And they certainly are not in any way shape or form encouraging woman to have abortions. Sorry I am not drinking the Koolaid.

And, as per their tax records, it is not a private organization because it is “An organization that normally receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or from the general public”

Here is a link to a pdf of their tax records…/PPFA_FY15_990_-_public_…
If for some reason you cannot open the link, pm me and I will send you the doc that I saved to my computer. Or you can also go to their site - and click on the most recent IRS Form 990 link and it will open it there. The one there now is from the 2014 filing.

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