Nutrition 101

Today the information we have access to is both empowering and overwhelming. In nutrition, it is also often contradictory. There are many ways to be successful at reaching your goals whether that be losing fat, gaining muscle, or fueling performance. The to success involves finding what works for YOU and for your lifestyle.

Your best friend may have found what they were looking for by eating strict Paleo and your sister may swear by a low- carbohydrate diet, but those may or may not be what work for you.

You need to first consider what is important to you and what your most immediate goals are. Are you most concerned about your health goals and “eating 100% clean”? Is it most important to you to reach your aesthetic goals or to fuel your performance?Do you have a health concern or disorder you are trying to address (auto-immune, arthritis, etc.)?

Next, you need to ask yourself how willing you are to change your eating habits. Do you have a wedding coming up next weekend, are you already planning your “cheat meal”? While making a lifestyle change is ultimately your goal, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure from the beginning. You need to make a commitment to yourself and make it a habit.

Consistency is the game-changer when it comes to reaching your goals.

Are you a person who works best with an all-or-nothing approach(abstainer) or do you thrive when you can take more of a balanced 80/20 approach (moderator)? It is important to know whether you will derail your progress if you make one mistake that snowballs or if you are person who can have an off-plan evening and then return to healthy eating and easily be back on track the next day.

Once you assess your goals, your mindset, and why you want to make a change you can get into the finer details of healthy eating. What should you eat, how much should you eat, when should you eat? I will be addressing these details in future postings.