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HAALLP- I'm a founder who is getting a bit thick in the middle and I do not have the time to hide it anymore!

As a start-up founder, you are literally “birthing” your company into existence and then focusing all of your time on making it grow. It’s painful, It takes a long long time, and often you make all the sacrifice and get not a lot in return. Its a lot like raising children.. but like worse.

Start-ups make ALL of us (male and female) moms in one way or another.

I found out I was pregnant while I was at the beginning of my first ever solo fundraise. To make matters weird(er)- I was not yet married, 38 years old, and going thru a self-imposed “pivot” to turn my then successful design/consulting agency into a fledging digital open-source and marketplace product for not much more reason than I “feel” like it's going to be a major improvement for my industry and make a difference in the world. …

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What is “Open Source” and why would it apply to fashion?

Open Source- is usually used to describe a technology software whose authors have made its source code available to others who would like to view that code, copy it, learn from it, alter it, or share it. This is in contrast to a proprietary technology software, which is closed and requires payment.

This does not mean that open source software is free… it can cost money to use, but it simply means that people are able to use, contribute, and build upon a codebase or library of code that operates as templates and saves time when structuring a technology architecture. …

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What the fashion industry is not saying…

I was recently in New York and speaking to a founder that I madly respect.

When I told them about Modern Brands… and how we are bringing a common technology concept (open source) to the design part of making apparel, this was her reaction. It took me by surprise to be honest. I was disappointed that it was all she had to say about my idea as if I should just forget it altogether.

“People are going to be mad at you.” …

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