Randy Glasbergen

I Declare Myself Independent from Social Media


I have heard all the arguments for why social media is a “positive good.” Yes, it connects you to people you never thought possible. Okay, I’m happy that you have a friend from the UK. Mhm, your platform has helped you pay rent. Yo, I’m thrilled that you’re influencing an audience with your ideas. And Bro, I’m glad you’re promoting something that’s bigger than yourself.

I really am glad that there is something as grand as this that allows us to be a global community.

But, I get it Tyler Oakley, Audible.com is funding your ass. And to all the Instagram Hoes, are your discount codes to Detox Tea and waist training belts going to make me as hot as you?

Tell me, how many poses did you take before getting that “perfect” picture? how many jokes did you have to steal to make yourself sound funny? how long did it take for you to finally learn how to “dab?”

When was the last time you used “social media” for a greater purpose than yourself?

I’m writing here today, to declare myself independent from the detrimental consequences of social media.

First off… Don’t call it social media

You aren’t being social by posting constant selfies of your face. The only “social network” is Facebook (and even that has trailed off becoming another form of television).

Don’t try to argue and say Twitter and Instagram are perfect examples of social media. This is the truth, and the truth is, they are Interest Feeds. They are meant for you to follow whoever you want and depending who you aspire to be, you follow the people or topics that hold attributes that reflect your character.

The problem with what we watch:

I’m having difficulty understanding why we praise such stereotypical vines, YouTube and Twitter videos. It has brought back racism and sexism and has degraded the values we fought so long to achieve. Sure, it’s a good quick laugh- but when does 6 seconds becomes too much?

This type of media keeps us ignorant and naive. They don’t want to show powerful women, they don’t want to show unity, they want to make us laugh. We are laughing at these issues that shouldn’t be laughed at. This is entertainment that we tolerate.

Why am I so compelled to share everything about my life?

As the pressure to continuously share my life on social media platforms increase, I feel as if my privacy is being compromised. I believe I should keep my right to my privacy without being obliged to portray myself beyond a standard.

All the pressures on social media include the following:

  • Reaching the acceptable likes to followers ratio.
  • Complimenting on other people’s pictures in order to receive them back on my pictures.
  • Spending hours on a caption, which people will only take half a second to look at.
  • Refraining from being your true self in order to not offend or repel potential followers.
  • The constant dependence on the feeling of being connected.
  • The need to update every moment of my life in order to portray myself as a “normal” and “sociable” person.


Truthfully, I am tired of the shallow conversations that are a product of a generation with an attention span of 6 seconds.

In order to remove these pressures, we should implement awareness and eradicate ignorance among the constant users of social media. People should be aware that they are consumers of a product designed to alter reality.

The proper way of using social media should be in healthy moderation without exaggeration.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you attack me and say,
“oo0o0o0hh aren’t you using social media right now?? Hypocrite.”
I know that the Internet and quick spread of news has brought amazing strides in our fast paced society. Everything that is good in this world, has the bad to balance it. Please feel free to respond on how you feel towards how a majority of us use, “social media”
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