Nova Villa (Actress), Maribeth Nicdao (Food Technologist) and Edwin Cruz & Raymond Equipado (Great Image Photographers

  1. What makes them similar is that whatever their professions are, you can consider it as a work if art. It’s just Nova Villa is in the entertainment industry, Maribeth Nicdao is behind the cake mixture of Red Ribbon and Edwin Cruz & Mon Equipado is in the field of photography and working as photographers of Great Image (a unique photo studio)
  2. As I said, Nova Villa can be seen in filipino movies. Miss Maribeth is behind the mixtures of the known cakes in the Philippines. And then for Edwin and Raymond, they help the society to give them extra ordinary portraits.
  3. I admire their patience, if it’s not because of their patience I believe they wouldn’t be where they are now. Them being open to different opportunities and just enjoying what they do and they don’t do it for the money.
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