Social Snacking 1.13.16

Periscope Broadcasts Will Now Play Automatically In Your Twitter Feed

Broadcasts will soon be viewable in your Twitter stream rather than having to click a link to watch on Periscope. Videos will play automatically in feed, if you click on a video they’ll expand to a full-screen view. You won’t be able to interact with a livestream via the app’s comment or heart functionality unless you navigate to the Periscope app.

This addition to the Twitter experience will certainly make it easier to engage with livestreams and incentivizes people to interact with Periscope more frequently.

Watch the Peach video tutorial

New Social App: Peach

Have you heard of Peach? Are you on Peach? If you haven’t heard about the new app that’s taken the Internet (especially Twitter) by storm, check out this video and brief overview below.

Peach is another social app that seems to be created as a reaction to the current state of social media. As older apps have become heavily populated, social media fun has been diluted. Peach acts sort of like a group chat platform where you broadcast content to people you approve as friends on the platform. With that said if your name is easily searchable, posts are visible to people if your handle is known.

Peach encourages creativity and playfulness. The app lets you doodle with your fingers and use “magic words” to employ specific actions. It’s also super easy to Gif-ify your content, the app has an extensive library of Gifs. You can interact with others via things like “waving, caking booping and hissing,” reminiscent of Facebook’s early poking days?

For the most part brands haven’t jumped on the platform yet with the exception of Merriam Webster Dictionary’s entrance to the app last weekend. Posers have quickly taken up celebrity profiles, identity verification is certainly a miss on Peach’s end. We’ll see if the app sticks around or ends up in a sad social media graveyard of overhyped apps.

White House Continues To Be Social Media Savvy

It’s been a busy week for @Potus and @WhiteHouse. On Monday the White House launched a Snapchat handle, and today invited social media audiences to ask questions with the hashtag #BigBlockofCheese. Traditionally the day after the State of the Union address is called “Big Block of Cheese Day” due to President Andrew Jackson’s 1,400 pound block of cheese he had people chip away at during an open house. The White House enlisted help from several politicians and government agencies like NASA to respond to questions throughout the day.

Furthermore, this Friday, January 15th, YouTubers will interview Potus. Three carefully selected influencers will put President Obama in the hot seat. Last year 500,000 people tuned in live to watch YouTubers interview Potus, we’ll see if that record is overtaken this year. You can participate on Twitter by following the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama or on a sub Reddit that’s being pushed live soon.

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