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Facebook Is All In On 360 Degree Videos

Today Facebook announced it’s making your News Feed more immersive, support for iOS and Gear VR headsets as well as some consumer 360-degree cameras is now available on the platform. Facebook had previously added support for 360 video in September, however the addition of VR capability is new. It’s no secret Facebook is taking great strides to be at the forefront of VR technology, today’s announcement is yet another step towards moving the VR needle to user and consumer adoption. To further this cause, Facebook has partnered with consumer camera manufacturers to make sharing 360-degree videos seamless by allowing users to publish to Facebook directly from 360 camera apps.

Some brands have begun experimenting with 360 video on Facebook, check them out here.

Periscope Updates

Periscope introduced a few new features: an improved global map, the ability to skip ahead while watching replays and 3D Touch features.

Periscope launched its global map back in June, however it had limited capabilities. The new and improved map now features replays (blue dots) and current live streams (red dots). The map presents a seamless way to view localized content as well as breaking news.

The new skipping feature allows users to rewind or fast forward when watching replays. Simply press and hold your screen and drag left or right to go back or forward. The new 3D Touch features enable you to press and hold the app icon on your home screen for short cuts to search people, teleport around the world and of course broadcast!

Twitter’s New ScratchReel

Full details on Twitter’s new feature are still being discovered, however @Twitter shared a video today with a feature they’re calling ScratchReel. On mobile you can use the feature to tap and drag GIFs to change the viewing experience. The feature works particularly well in the World Surf video Twitter shared, it’s unclear how this would work with all kinds of content. It appears the feature is leveraged through SnappyTV, a video and GIF tool Twitter acquired last year. Check it out (hover and pull with your mouse on desktop):

Get the Latest News with Facebook’s Notify App

The app’s name sums up its utility, it enables you to access news in real-time (oh hey Twitter) and notifies you when participating publishers share a piece of content.

The ‘stations’ feature allows you to sign up for specific genres of content notifications such as sports highlights or weather forecasts. You can also subscribe to publishers (called ‘sources’ in the app) and access the stream of news from select sources in the app’s feed.

Some are questioning why Facebook didn’t make Notify an extension of the existing app, but creating a standalone app is nothing new for Facebook. The platform tends to fragment its products in an effort to keep the primary app uncluttered.

The small number of current publishing partners limits the app experience, it doesn’t enable vast curation. This may be its Achilles heel since there are plenty of other services out there that deliver real-time news, and you can follow anyone you please on Twitter.

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