Social Snacking 11.5.15

Sprite’s Snapchat Campaign is Winning in Brazil

Sprite put Snapcodes on soda cans distributed in Brazil, the codes led to 15 different Snapchat influencers relevant to young Brazilians. The influencers shared Sprite-related stories on their Snapchat channels, the content has received 2.3 million views in the past TWO days. Sprite says the focus on Snapchat is a strategic move given that 40% of the younger (Gen Z) target aren’t watching TV and Snapchat is the most used app amongst the demographic.

Phase two of the campaign gives consumers the opportunity to have their Snapcodes on soda cans. They can submit their information on Sprite Brazil’s website for the chance to be featured. It’s an interesting move giving every day consumers Snapchat celebrity-status exposure.

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VR is Now Reality on YouTube

There’s been a lot of buzz about VR today. The New York Times announced its VR app, this is after the publication’s recent announcement it was sending over 1 million Google Cardboard headsets to subscribers, and now VR is viewable on YouTube. You may have already been watching 360-degree videos on YouTube, but now they’re available in 3D.

You can use Google Cardboard or any other smartphone equipped VR headset to watch the videos. Keep in mind not all 360 videos will work in VR, they have to be shot in 3D to work, however there is some content readily available and the move will hopefully further motivate more creators to make VR content for YouTube.

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