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NOTE: I’ve published this article on the fry’s internal blog and sharing it here with permission. We’re working on a design system and re-evaluating how we make design decisions within the company and this is the result of our research.

Good design is:


Aim for the lowest design conventions and elements that convey your message. Good design should be simple for the users to understand and simple for the developers to work with. There cannot be one without the other.

Good design is drop-dead simple.


Good design is accessible for everyone, no matter…

JavaScript treats functions as first class objects. To put this in plain words, you can pass a function to another function as data. Why is this important? Two words: functional composition. You can create a brand new function by composing other functions. Functions therefore become building blocks for your code.

Functional composition is one of the main principles of functional programming.

Breaking up a complex function

Let’s look at a practical example of this.

const greet = (greeting, name) => {
const greetingCapitalized = greeting.replace(/\b\w/g, letter => letter.toUpperCase());
return `${greetingCapitalized}, ${name}!`;

greet('woof', 'Scooby'); // Woof, Scooby!

Let’s break up the greet function:

const capitalize…

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For you to feel happy at the end of the day, what should have happened during the day?

Someone recently asked me this question. And it’s a difficult question to answer. How do you know if you’re happy? And how do you quantify what made you feel that way? Does it have to be a work thing? Or something that happened while you were walking your dog? Do you have to get everything right during the day?

What does my ideal day look like?

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The 9-to–5 way of life has no place in today’s modern society any more. By 9-to–5, I don’t mean having a steady schedule that brings order to your life. Or that if you value working from 9 to 5, or any other fixed schedule, you’re obsolete.

For me, 9-to–5 means the mentality behind having a job where someone pays you for time spent glued to a chair. This way of thinking needs to become obsolete.

The 9-to–5 mentality implies that because we are at work, we are working. Get up at 7am, be at work by 9am. Lunch break at…

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ECMAScript 5.1 introduced a number of operations on an Array, including map, filter and reduce. These functions empower JavaScript developers to replace the classic for loop with some neat functional programming alternatives.

Given an array arr = [1, 2, 3], where you used to write

var total = 0;for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
total += arr[i];
console.log(total); // 6

you can now write

const total = arr.reduce((acc, curr) => acc + curr, 0);
console.log(total); // 6

Reduce applies a function against an accumulator acc and each element in the array curr, returning just…

There’s quite a lot of chatter about what celebrities and tech gurus do early in the morning to be more productive and kick ass during the day. From meditations to sport to answering emails, to tackling the most important tasks of the day first.

These things are all meant to make you a more productive homo sapiens, as if that mattered. Yes, you can be a productive modern animal who checks off items from a to do list and calls it a day when the list is empty. …

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SUBJECT: €20 Million Funded Company, Berlin - Frontend JavaScript Positions

Hi Bogdan

I hope you are well

We are currently working with an amazing FinTech company as well as a highly funded SASS company - who both having exciting developer opportunities available at the moment.

They are primarily looking for skilled javascript developers(3+ years in development), with experience in Angular and/or React.

The position is onsite(visa support would be provided) and as the companies both have significant funding they are flexible on salaries.

This is from an actual recruiter email I received the other day. No real details of the…

I’ve been freelancing for 8 years now, but I’ve only started taking it seriously after reflecting on a hard lesson from my past. I was working for an advertising agency in Bucharest, barely making ends meet, stuck in a job that had started to be unsatisfying. I was very stubborn at the time and thought I could make anything work. But it was obvious to me it was going nowhere.

The long hours. Working the weekends. Seeing my then-girlfriend-later-to-be-wife a couple of hours a week, if that. The commute, oh, the commute. And then working for thankless clients for peanuts.

I’ve always had this nagging feeling that people have a tendency to have their say when it comes to everything. We’ve become so confident in our abilities to judge that there’s no more room for a meaningful discussion. Sure, we hide it under this mantra of constructive criticism even when it’s anything but.

This ability of ours to have an opinion about everything tends to span over pretty much all areas of life. Everyone’s a soccer coach and everyone’s a better politician than whoever’s in charge. What I’m particularly interested in though is work. …

Do you though? Often times, it’s a question of want vs need, either in your private life or at work. Do these sound familiar?

I need money because I want to buy a new car.

We need money because we want to hire more people.

If all you do is consider your wants as necessities, then you’ll always be able to justify your needs. Of course you need money for a new car. Of course you need money to hire more people.

Of course…But maybe…

Maybe you don’t need a new car. Or more people.

Let’s try flipping those two…

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