The last update of Google — called hummingbird — has made serious steps against blogs. Many bloggers has told about drastic dropping of website visitors since this update. However, it does not means that we cannot get traffic to our blogs from other resources or even form Google. Here I would like to show you some tips how to get traffic to your blog.

How to get traffic to blogs

Use Long Tail Keywords

As it was mentioned these days it is really hard to get traffic from Google and that is really true if we optimize ourblog around keywords that are very competitive. It is better to say for short, highly promoted keyword you will never get to the first page of Google by blogging. Yes, never! The solution is to use less competitive, long tail keywords. By optimizing your blog around long tail keywords you will much higher possibility to rank higher and get free traffic via search engines.

This is not so hard as it seems, mainly if you promote products, if the product name plus some usual keywords can be found in the title of your post such as “review”, you can get good amount of traffic. I think this is the most important tip to get traffic to your blog.

Submit the RSS of Your blog

You can also get traffic without Google by submitting your RSS feed to directories and other RSS aggregators. These type of sites are highly visited.

Using Twitter to Get Traffic

If you have lot of followers, you can share your posts, if you have not got yet, try to get followers who are interested in the niche of yourblog. You may use special services to get more followers. This is a good way to get traffic to your blog.

Get Traffic to Your blog by Bookmarking

There are tons of bookmarking sites on the internet that has incredibly high traffic. Submit the links of your posts to them. This way you will not only have targeted traffic, but as well as backlinks. You can even use bookmarking software or service to get the done.

Use Facebook to Get Targeted Traffic

Another easy way to get traffic to yourblog is to set up a Facebook fan page where you share your posts. To get the most of from this traffic getting tactic you should invite your friends and so on, and ask them to join and share.

You should also start a Facebook group about something related to the niche of your website. The best of this tactic is that you can get highly targeted members who are absolutely interested in your niche.

So to get traffic to yourblog you should use mentioned tips and I think if you are fond ofblogging you should make yourself independent from Google.

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