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As you probably know when we built a website the first and most important factor is to find the niche and the relevant keywords we will work with. This task will determine if the site will be successful and money making or not. That is the same with autoblogs.

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Mostly the reason why new websites fail is that the site owners choose a too wide niche which is extremely competitive and of course, they have no chance to get good rankings and with that targeted, free traffic from search engines. On the other hand, if we chose a topic that nobody interested in, we will have no traffic no matter if we have good rankings.

Choosing the the right niche and keywords is especially important for autoblogs, but if we get good ones, we can have long time, autopilot income.

What type of keywords you should look for

  • You have to find keywords that are not competitive, meaning not to many sites are targeting for them yet. This way, it will be easier to rank well and that means free, targted traffic from search engines like Google.
  • On the other hand, the keywords you want to use must have good amount of searches. Many internet marketers and SEO experts say that a good keyword must have at least 500 exact searches per a month to worth to work with. From my experience this depends on the niche and the keyword itself since I have many posts that are optimized for keywords that have much less searches, but convert extremely well. Typically, buyer keywords can be much more profitable.
  • Once you have found the niche and words that fulfill mentioned points, then you have to check if there is content for them like articles, videos, Yahoo Answers etc., since your WordPress autoblog plugin will need to get content somewhere and if your niche is too rare, not enough posts can be generated.
  • Last, but not least you have to check if your keywords can be monetized. I mean, if you can promote relevant products from Amazon, Clickbank or from other affiliate networks. This is important for monetization.


Considering the mentioned tips the best sort of keywords to work with are long tail ones. Long tail keywords contain at least 3 words. The best is that these phrases are mostly much less competitive, so they are easier to rank, on top of that they are usually buyer keywords. Though, you must be careful, since great part of these long tail keywords have much less searches, but it is not hard to find good ones.

Personally, I use long tail keyword research software that finds me the words that are good, but you can use free tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Overall, choosing the right niche and keywords is the most important step you should do before building your autoblog or any types of website.

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