Prior to debating whether organic search optimization or paid search advertising is more beneficial to your company, we should take a more in-depth look at each in order to make an informed decision as to the best method to invest in. Both drive traffic to your site, but each goes about it in a little different manner.

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When performing a search on the internet, organic results are those that appear to be the ‘main’ listings on the page. The paid ads are those that may have an off-colored background at the top or in the margin. An organic search sorts on keyword relevance. This is a typical phrase that you type into your favorite engine that produces page results.

These results are then ranked according to their pertinent content as well as information that is related synonymously to the particular keyword. Just for clarification please note that the word ‘keyword’ can be used to describe a phrase or multiple words grouped together e.g. “fine dining Austin” is one keyword, not three separate keywords. This may seem a little strange at first, but these internet folk are always creating their own language so we’ll just have to play along.

The process that the ‘spiders’ use to sort through billions of bytes of information to find the synonymous words in a search is called Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. This allows the spiders to capture and rank websites that naturally relate to the keyword you have given them. By instituting these measures, the sites that are presented have higher quality content with regards to the term you are looking for, thus making them a natural fit.

Paid search listings are the little ads you see that are shaded a slightly different color on top of or in the margin of the page. These are called Pay-per-Click ads, meaning that each time a visitor clicks the ad; the search engine is paid a fee for listing them. Depending on the keyword that you are bidding on, these ads can get expensive. Take the keyword “automobile insurance quotes” for example, in order to get your ad to the top position in the margin; you would need to spend roughly $5000-$7000 per day. That seems like an incredible amount of money, but these companies wouldn’t be spending it if it wasn’t generating them substantial revenue. In fact online advertising budgets are slated to overtake television and print in spending this year.

Search engines are the advertising mediums of the future, and having your website prominently featured when your search terms are dialed up is critical to the growth and prosperity of your business. Having your company’s site designed by an SEO professional that knows how to take advantage of long tale keywords for top SEO results can mean the difference between a lackluster sales performance and taking your business to the next level.

An organic presence at the top of a search ranking shows the world that you deserve to be there, that you are not only relevant in your industry, but you are at the pinnacle of it. Pay-per-Click ads are certainly effective and should be a feature in a complete marketing plan, but let’s face it, anybody can pay to play.

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