The UK Championship — A tournament concept


Before delving into the concept, I must state that I have no knowledge of any existing agreements between organisations mentioned within this document. Certain assumptions are made in this concept:

  • The rumoured multi-national LCS structure does not exist in the following year of the lolesports calender.
  • That if actualised, tournament and league dates would be solidified prior to the beginning of the tournament year.
  • That any suggestions within this document do not conflict with existing agreements between any of the organisations mentioned within it.


‘The UK Championship’ is an suggestion to bring together all of the independent UK League of Legends Leagues and Tournaments in the UK, while maintaining that aforementioned independence. This will be achieved by the introduction of an over arching circuit points system that will culminate with a play-off at the end of the season. Circuit points will decide seeding and/or inclusion for the playoffs, while maintaining as many opportunities as possible for teams to qualify throughout the tournament year.


  • Promote roster consistency in a way that does not overly penalise teams for necessary changes and adaptations to their respective rosters.
  • Increase interest in the attendance and participation in LAN Tournaments, such as: Insomnia Gaming Festival and EpicLAN.
  • Allow new teams and players to join The UK Championship, as long as they begin participating in eligible tournaments in sufficient time to qualify for playoffs.
  • Create a focal point of UK League of Legends that can be referred to, that includes representatives from stakeholders within the scene.

Tournament Structure

The UK Championship will introduce a circuit point system attached to final placement within existing online leagues (UK Masters and ESL Premiership) and offline tournaments (Insomnia and EpicLAN).

Teams will accumulate circuit points by competing in these leagues and tournaments through the tournament year. At the end of the year, the top 2 teams with the highest circuit points given preferential seeding into a double elimination bracket. Teams 3–4 will be invited to the double elimination, without a bye. Teams 5–12 will be divided into two groups and have to compete in a single round robin tournament, with only the first place team from each group advancing to the double elimination bracket.

Circuit Point Allocation

Example allocation:

#1: 100 circuit points

#2: 70 circuit points

#3–#4: 50 circuit points

#5-#8: 25 circuit points

I will not profess to having a detailed understanding of having tournament organisation, as such the circuit points are only for example purposes and should be considered entirely arbitrary at this point.

Over-arching rules:

In order to promote certain values, providing there is co-operation with the tournament operators, there will be certain rules in place that will have an affect on team circuit point totals.

Team Rosters:

  • To be eligible to earn circuit points, competing teams must have a roster that contain 3/5 UK or Irish players. Teams can compete in leagues without meeting this requirement (providing the tournament operators rules allow them to do so), but will not earn any circuit points from doing so.
  • Teams can change their rosters three times in a UK Championship season without penalty. Twice in the first half of the year, once in the second half of the year. Teams will suffer a 20% reduction of their current circuit points for each player on their roster they replace beyond the limits set. This 20% reduction applies to both outgoing and incoming teams.
  • For example: If Team A has already replaced 2 players in the first half of the year, and decide to make another roster change. Team A will suffer a 20% reduction in their current circuit points. If the player they have released joins another team, TEAM B, and they have also hit their roster change limit, they too will suffer a 20% decrease. However, if the player joins a different team, TEAM C, who has not yet hit their roster change limit, only TEAM A would suffer the penalty.

Potential Eligible Events and Leagues:

I know I have mentioned several times above that EpicLAN would be an eligible event, I know they do not currently provide League of Legends as a game at their LANs. In order to make sure that all parties are getting value for their participation in the tournaments, offline tournaments that require self-financed hotel+accommodation, must provide a minimum prizepool (tbd with various stakeholders).

List of potential eligible events:

  • Insomnia X
  • ESL Premiership X Season
  • UK Masters X Season
  • Epic X
  • Insomnia Y
  • ESL Premiership Y Season
  • UK Masters Y Season
  • Epic Y

Applying the example circuit points above, the maximum a team could earn throughout the season is: 800 circuit points.


Each tournament and online league will provide their own broadcasts with their existing talent they use.

To tie all the matches together, an external monthly broadcast will recap the month’s action, lead into the next month’s events and matches. Additional content in the forms of interviews, analytical pieces on players/teams as well a ‘Top Plays’ across all tournaments.

UK Championship Prizing

The UK Championship would have a prize pool for the double elimination bracket, in an ideal world support by Riot Games directly. The aim would be to have the prizepool significantly larger than a tournament or online league win.


This is merely a suggestion for how the UK lolesports season could be structured. I’m open to feedback and/or criticism on this concept. I hope that not necessarily this format is used, but some kind of unification between the respective TO’s could be conducted in future seasons.

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