How to redeem your TDC tokens

Trident Crypto Index Fund
2 min readJun 11, 2018

login to your trident account and top up your account with BTC balance. If you already have BTC in your wallet you can directly invest and redeem your TDC tokens as per selected package.

  • Starter — 25% Redemption
  • Beginner — 25% Redemption
  • Studio — 30% Redemption
  • VIP — 35% Redemption

Step 1 :Click on Invest and on Investment window system will show you your available TDC token balance in USD. enter amount in USD what you want to Invest and click on TDC redemption. system will automatically calculate your redemption amount in USD from your token balance and it will be reflected in token redemption USD box.

step 2 : click on pay from BTC wallet and you will be redirect to new window which is for transaction confirmation, And it will show you final balance what you need to pay for your package.

confirm that transaction and your investment will be done. as per above given example we have only 353 USD in our BTC balance but we have selected 450 USD to invest and clicked on TDC redemption (we have selected beginner package to invest 450 USD amount so we got 25% redemption amount which is 112.5). after clicking on pay from BTC wallet we paid only 337.50 USD from our BTC wallet and 112.50 we paid from TDC redemption.

Kindly note if you have a free account you can also redeem your TDC tokens, Example : our minimum package is 50 USD so If you have enough balance in TDC token wallet you just need to top up your btc wallet with 37.5 USD and rest you can pay from TDC balance.

We are still on Pre-sale stage and we started our token redemption already, we are officially starting our main sale on 1st of November 2018, then after we will start our official exchange so you can sell directly your TDC tokens in market.

Thank you for being a part of Trident community .

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