Trident Coin Redemption :

Trident Crypto Index Fund
2 min readJun 7, 2018


This is a big announcement for you and more than 5,00,000 members of the Trident network all across the world as it marks the start of the TDC TOKEN Redemption , starting from June 10 2018. You can redeem your TDC tokens in Trident’s website only as we are officially starting our main sale on 1st of November 2018, then after we will start our official exchange so you can sell directly your TDC tokens in market.

This short guide will deliver details about the Redemption for Trident users looking to redeem TDC tokens immediately.

As you all know we have 4 packages in our Pre-sale ICO and indexfund. Everyone can redeem their TDC tokens as per their package.

  • Starter — 25% Redemption
  • Beginner — 25% Redemption
  • Studio — 30% Redemption
  • VIP — 35% Redemption

From now on your New Investment in crypto index fund or in Pre-sale ICO, You can directly pay from your TDC tokens balance as per your package and you will get redemption on TDC live price.

Redeeming TDC token is currently optional — you are free to leave all of your TDC tokens for future, and you can sell them on higher price after our official exchange launch.

New Website design

We have received feedback that our website does not do an effective enough job at telling the Trident story and explaining the necessity of our project. We made a plan and Over the past few weeks our team have been working on the new website design, which will be going live in the very near future. The new site will include a highly requested roadmap, FAQ and many more information.

We hope this new site help our community to keep up their strong engagement and continue growing.

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