I don’t exactly know what is wrong with men ?! What’s bother men with having female employees ?!!

And stop feeling that you are oppressed they give you too alot of opportunities!

I was happy when I got the job offer 5 years ago ! I was happy when I first submit my first project when I was learning the language, but I wasn’t happy by excluding me ! I also brought chocolate with me !

I don’t what’s going wrong!

Anyway you wasting my time by repeating those crap words !

Is she doing her job wrong?!

Is she doing troubles to others?!

Is she cause lose for the organizations?!

Is she bad enough?!

You need to talk to her!

I don’t care about the wrong mentality that you want to force!

The job can be applied for women as well as men!

Same thing when they approve them and register them at university! I think it’s shallow! And unfair!

Do you a percentage for employed women!

1 : 5

2 : 6

It’s the way you find yourself!

You need to agree that women from forever women has it’s own rights to participate into society and by religious she took all of her rights, and still there is female employees that proved themselves and make the difference!

The author of the book is female too and she is engineer ! So what is wrong with men?!

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