I know that women society is not so good full of jealousy, gossiping and why is she doing that, why is buying that, why is she going there and surprisingly she is doing the same, she running to do so before you !! And they pretend to be perfect, where they only care about themselves, they may hurt others and sometimes with no thinking!!

According to beauty issue it’s differ from she to another, if you ask for a help and they give you wrong product contact them, go back to them, try the product before you afford it !! I adviced you to buy sun protection/block but I didn’t choose one for, so it’s not my mistake!! It’s your fault and I am not responsible about your attitude or how negative you acted toward this!

You are very bad person or even the worst ever you hurt everyone, you just want your benefits with lies and doing bad things regardless others !

It’s not allowed! Not anymore

Don’t buy leave your face burned

And be afraid of the sentence

Look at you, how you have been!! They planning to destroy you!

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