People with misery, they do everything, gives million of false promises, they refuses to see other happy and successful, they are selfish and thought that they are the most important part of this life, they thought that all of others are fool, because they tried with millions, they only see the reflection of their own, with their sights with no clue how they pissed off others they afraid from their past, and live with fiction, they memorize every single status on Facebook but not because they like or they affect by it not at all because in their dirty mind they thought this is the weapon where they will fight me, you will not change the fact that I am an engineer, you will not change the fact that I was successful at my job and even recognised more than you, because you are the misery and some how they knew, you can do everything, you can be anything, you are just like an executive tool, with no past and no future except the other tool that you used to achieve, you will reach no where except street indeed, where losers like you will be good treated, you are the misery itself, liar, fool and crap, and if this situation isn’t closed I will make a huge investigation and you will regret whole life, will expand your misery !!And you aren’t open and you aren’t allowed to talk about anything and about any subject and the chat between you and the other disaster or crap I don’t know how you had involved me !! Stop it! Stop repeating the same crap every day, trust me you will achieve no where!! Except the street, and the group of losers and silly people who see everything 😎 like plastic they don’t recognise anything ! It doesn’t mean if I respect myself and others, it’s ok no we need to deal within limitations !! Clear

And you can’t deny the birthday party and the story series that you had been created from A~Z, unfortunately she didn’t got the job, and you just create a problem from nothing liar liar lies and lies and if the same person turned the same to you it will be more than ok!

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