The following case study is part of a design challenge. I am not in any way affiliated to Grab or any other companies/individuals mentioned in this article. The design decisions and assumptions taken in this case study are solely based on publicly available information.

The Challenge

Imagine that Grab is introducing food delivery service in Philippines (like FoodPanda). You are tasked to design the driver app for motorbike drivers. Here is a rough outline of how the process is like:

A scalable approach to designing edge case scenarios.

I used to loathe designing error states, and it was always in the aftermath. My go-to solutions used to be to use system default designs to make sure I hit all the edge cases. I loved to work on the core happy path but ignore the other non-core user journeys. Often I would hit a roadblock. I have to go back to my core flow which I meticulously designed to include the new use cases I stumbled upon. This cost me a lot of time and a lot of iterations.

I have improved a lot in anticipating unknown future use…

API stands for Application programming interface. According to Wikipedia, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components. A good API makes it easier to develop a computer program by providing all the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer.

If UI is for humans who interact with the face of a software, API is for programmers who interact with it behind the scenes to make the software functional.

Here’s what Jared Spool, a founding figure in design industry has to say about APIs in relation to designing screens.

As a designer…

The following case study is a part of submission for design challenge by Buffer. I had the opportunity to interview with Buffer team and participate in this design challenge.

The challenge

Buffer is a content scheduling platform. Its iOS and Android apps help agencies, brands and publishers schedule to manage and track the performance of all their social profiles in one place.


Here are some specific pain points users have shared with us:

Show us your solution for giving users an overview of their scheduled content, while making it simple to spot and fill gaps in their…

The following case study is a part of design exercise for a startup in Bangalore.

I was given the task to design a networking tool for Small Business owners in India so that they can network better and run their business efficiently. As this is part of a UX exercise, all the assumptions were made by me instead of doing extensive research and conducting interviews with actual business owners.


My goals were to:

The following case study is a part of design exercise for a startup in Bangalore.


The following case study passionately provides a little insight in how I would potentially approach User Experience design for a project.

Though it takes much more time to research and design a good application, I have tried my best to present the process behind my work.

Before diving into the good stuff, I would like to present two ideas


Let me give you a little introduction about JTBD. It helps in finding underlying jobs required to solve…

The Ask

As part of design exercise for a job in fintech startup, I was asked to design an app that takes care of personal expenses on daily basis and helps suggest better ideas for money management.

The following case study passionately provides a little insight in how I would potentially approach User Experience design & User Interface design for a project.

I am a nerd for self development. As part of finance domain of my life, I daily track my expenses on an app called Pocket Expense. …

I apologize for the clickbait title. I believe many of us still believe CSS is that messy thing everyone wants to avoid. Its 2017 and that is no the case anymore.

So in this post we will learn about CSS3 flexbox model. YAY!! 🙌

Spoiler Alert: It changes everything.

Bootstrap 4 beta was released earlier this year and moved to flexbox & Sass from outdated block model & Less. There are still some bugs in Bootstrap 4 but people are getting excited about the new framework on flexbox. So let us get some basics down on flexbox concepts.

The CSS3…

When I was looking for a new job last year, the following assignment was given to me by one of the employers.

Tridip Thrizu

Senior Product Designer at GrabSG. Prev — Mapbox

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