5 Reasons to Start Doing Swim Drills Today

  1. Your form is probably broken. Incorporating a wide variety of drills in your workout can help you identify weaknesses in your form. Ever do a kick-only drill only to realize you aren’t really going anywhere? Weakness identified.
  2. It mixes up your workout. Doing laps is boring, that’s no secret. By including swim drills in your pool workouts, you are breaking up the boredom and giving yourself something to concentrate on, other than counting.
  3. Concentrated effort. Once you know what your weaknesses are, you can focus on drills that help increase your confidence in that area. This goes beyond form, too. There are open water sighting drills and speed drills out there that can help prepare you for a specific event.
  4. Volume has a ceiling. While most swim coaches agree that the best way to improve your swimming is to do more swimming, there is a ceiling to that benefit. You can either be a conditioned zombie or a conditioned gazelle in the water. Which is going to win the race?
  5. Swimming is a technical sport. Simply put, because swimming is so mechanically technical, you need to focus on the technical aspects to excel at it.

If you are frustrated with the effectiveness, speed, or progression of your swim workouts consider adding drills to your pool fitness regimen. There are plenty available for free online as well as pool-side products to keep them handy.