2017 Year in Review Roundup

This year I have been collecting data using App in the Air, TripIt, Swarm, RescueTime, GitHub, Apple Health, Strava, GoodReads, Trakt.tv, Letterboxd, and last.fm. Each service offers a year in review visualization of its own (although for some services I prefer the Gyroscope version). Here you can find my complete roundup.


From TripIt and App in the Air
From Gyroscope and Swarm

Most memorable destinations:

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Portland, Maine
  • Dresden, Germany
from Swarm


from Apple Watch and Gyroscope

I took almost 437,000 fewer steps in 2017 than in 2016. The 365 hours spent in planes last year do show.

from Strava and Gyroscope

On the other hand, I spent 29 hours more on a bike than I did last year.


from RescueTime and Gyroscope
from RescueTime and Gyroscope

I still spent more time with Outlook than with the next two apps combined.


from GoodReads

Top books of the year


from Letterboxd

Top Movies of the Year

from trakt.tv
from last.fm
from last.fm