By Trieuvy Luu

Over the past years of my beginning career and education as an Interaction designer, I have worked closely with clients and partners on projects involving new technologies. Projects such as autonomous forestry vehicles, Nano-Technology, future food printing, connected objects (IoT) and more. Here are my thoughts on the future of technology and what this means for our everyday lives.

For a long time, we have been creating things to make life easier. We came up with tools…

Last week I had a persona-presentation, part of a student project for Skype. Instead of creating personas my team decided to experiment with storytelling. I figured out it would be nice to write about the art of storytelling in design.

As an interaction designer I am always creating. However that is not the only thing I do. Often I find myself in situations where I have to convey my ideas and concepts to others. Persuading a client, convincing my design team. These crucial moments all depend on how I tell the story.

Here are 5 tips for designers, that helped…

Trieuvy Luu

Interaction Designer at Above

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