Marco Rubio Has Dropped Out Of The 2016 Presidential Election

By:Tanner Rebelo

Marco Rubio Has Dropped Out Of The Race After Trump Took Florida

Today was the day to decide the fate of the Republican party, recently one thing was decided for us all. Marco Rubio will not be the Republican nominee after dropping out of the race just minutes after losing his home state of Florida to GOP front runner Donald Trump.
 This is a big blow to… wait for it…. Donald Trump. Marco Rubio’s supporters will now jump ship and swim to the islands of John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Late in the game for any major upsets but, John Kasich looks like he will take his home state of Ohio and all of its delegates.
 If by some miracle that the other GOP candidates run the board for the rest of the primaries Trump will be faced with a contested convention. Highly unlikely but even if that does not happen Donald Trump can expect fierce opposition from fellow Republicans come convention time.

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