A real solution for the user reach challenge for game developers

Possibly the most challenging aspect for game developers, particularly indie developers, is that of competing against companies with much larger advertising budgets and those that are already well established. Unless they get picked up by prominent media channels in the industry or popular streamers, their games can simply get lost in the pile.

A recent article by launchyourindiegame.com notes that you should expect to pay around $50k to market your game — and I’m inclined to agree. This is the kind of budget that a lot of indie developers don’t have, hence why they partner with already established publishers.

So what’s the solution?

We need to look at a different model that doesn’t give those with deep pockets an unfair advantage. A platform should be created that matches players to games that they will love — including those they would otherwise miss out. The benefit will allow smaller development companies to re-invest funding on enhancing their games, creating more interesting and deeper game play; They won’t be pressured to ‘cut corners’ or invest their own valuable time publicising their games.

This is exactly what TriForce Tokens is creating. An intelligent network that is going to match game players to amazing games that would otherwise get lost to the competition. This is something so unique, no other blockchain based start up is doing, and is the reason our project is being recognised as something truly innovative.

Developers won’t just benefit from this either. Players will actually be rewarded too through quests and an honorary system. All helping to grow that in-game community by supporting collaborative game play.

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