There are literally hundreds articles out there on the interwebs about how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Heck, I’ve written at least five of them myself! Add to that hefty heap video tutorials, TEDx talks, podcast episodes and interviews, and countless livestreams, and you have an infinite flow of information showing you what you need to do if you’re gearing up to run your very first crowdfunding campaign for a film, album, game, or other creative works.

But what if this isn’t your first rodeo?

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My first crowdfunding campaign for my short film CERISE, circa 2010.

What, does that mean that you’ve done it once and you’ve nothing more to learn, figuring you’ll just rinse and repeat and find the same success? Thinking like this is why there are so many creatives that have a stellar first campaign under their belts and a not-so-shiny second. Or worse, a downright flop. And the reason is that there are no articles that specifically speak about consecutive campaign, except for a single robust chapter in the second edition of my book Crowdfunding for Filmmakers called “The Fine Art of Consecutive Campaigning.” …

Welcome to the new year, everyone!

One of my favorite phrases to use whenever someone tells me that they want to crowdfund their film or other creative project because they need the money is “the crowd comes before the funding.”

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Over the course of 2017, I noticed that more and more people were forgetting this fundamental aspect of crowdfunding. …

Soft launching an indie film campaign will always be the smartest tactic you can implement in a crowdfunding campaign, especially when trying to chase down those all-important “love bucks” — money from family, friends and supporters of your prior work — before your campaign officially launches.

Official Launch v. Soft Launch
What’s the difference between a soft launch and official launch? Starting in reverse, the official launch is the day you send out your first email to your contact list, your first tweet, Facebook, and Instagram post about your film campaign. …


Author, professor, and former “Zen Master” of crowdfunding. Getting back to basics in these weekly writings.

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