5 Affiliate Software Tools That Will Help You Win

If a process in your box feels cumbersome or clunky and you think it should run smoother, often times, you’re right. It’s always worth looking at improving how you do things. After all, adapting is the best way to continue to grow and thrive, so why not make sure you streamline your back office with an affiliate software solution? If you already have an affiliate gym software for your box, why not audit it now and again to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful.

With the right affiliate management software, you can get out of the office and back onto the gym floor with your members. Here are 5 essential tools you should be using right now:


Remove manual entry wherever it makes sense for you. For us, it’s everywhere you can. Member flows like streamlined forms for drop-ins, free-trials, and sign-ups allow the MEMBER to get added into your affiliate system seamlessly. They can be sent in the form of external web links posted to your social profile or as an in-person self-service kiosk. Gym staff get notified upon a new sign-up and are given the necessary information for proper follow-up. Easy day.

2. Self-Service Scheduling & RSVP’s

Get serious about scheduling and class RSVP’s. Class scheduling, personal training scheduling, 1-on-1 nutrition coaching, individual programming scheduling, and everything in between. It’s essential to have affiliate software that can help save you hours upon hours here by allowing members to self-schedule sessions at will. RSVP to appointment blocks or scheduled classes right from your phone! This will make your life easier, your staff lives easier, and your members lives happier. This will also help attract new prospects at your affiliate gym with an easy-to-use interface.


Sure a one time, recurring monthly payment is as simple as it gets when it comes to automated billing for any affiliate software solution. But how many affiliates operate solely under that structure? The answer is almost none. Customizing when you bill members and how much is often much more tailored to the affiliate software capabilities. Can you split payments? Add-on a membership upgrade for additional class access? What about automating an introductory offer, perhaps a ‘Foundations’ course, with a discounted rate that turns over to a standard rate after a set amount of time? These options power your member experience. Setting a membership should be a one-time occurrence and not something that constantly needs tending to. Make sure your affiliate software is helping you provide the best possible member experience.


People need to be able to find you. From your social accounts to your website, does your affiliate software platform integrate with web links or utilize the digital member flows mentioned above? Easy, user-friendly pages that you can integrate with your existing website, your sales funnel, and class calendar or blog is a huge benefit.


Athletes who are held accountable as part of a fitness community, achieve their goals at a higher percentage. This we know and we want to them to have every opportunity to access and track their progress through performance data. An affiliate software should afford members multiple avenues of tracking across multiple devices. A mobile app that syncs up with the gym is a great way for people to see the WOD and enter scores on the go. Inside your box, auto-generating leaderboards and live displays for workouts, schedules, and tv screens all contribute to a well rounded performance driven environment. A member can walk in, check-in and see historical performance metrics in a frictionless way. At Triib, members can see the leaderboard, their personal performance history, check-in, and record scores all from one kiosk screen.

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Choosing the right affiliate software

There is a lot to consider when choosing affiliate software! Before you spend a penny, be sure the system you’re considering includes these five features.

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