It is a tough task to manage a financial life along with a good academic carrier when you are a student. But the debt makes you do the impossible.

Following a proper plan , schedule or some may say STRATEGIES , you can create a manageable time for a financial life that doesn’t necessarily hamper your studies. Some of the few strategies you may want to look over before starting your job life are ,

1. Learn to sacrifice having leisure time or spending great amount of time on extra activities i.e internet , social medias , gatherings , outings etc

2. Reduce Procrastination. What might be done tomorrow make it done today.

3. Adapt on becoming consistent with any work you are given.

4. And lastly, ONLY WORK MUCH AS YOU NEED TO. Working with greed will make you money oriented and you start becoming less conscious of your academic life. So to bring balance between both , understand your priorities.



Tutoring students who are junior to you with a similar academic field as yours is a great way of earning some extras. Generally there are two ways you can get yourself a tutoring job , the number being starting it independently yourself and the second way would be working through a public institute. Working through a public institute you will have to show case your qualification and work on schedule according to them while with your independent tutoring you may choose the subject you are comfortable with and you will have your liberty over your work. But talking from money perspective , public tutoring will get you more chances and comparatively a greater income as well.

How To Become A Tutor in 2021 (Updated 2022) (

2. A store cashier

With a minimum knowledge of receiving , cash , payment , exchange through credit/debit card , vouchers and providing change and receipts any person is illegible for the job of a cashier.

The job might get hard to tackle with if youre someone with an introverted personality. Other than that , a store cashier is a suitable part time jobs for students as well.

Cashier Job Description, Qualifications, Skills, and Salary — NigCareers

3. A care taker

Generally speaking of caretaker , you may think of taking full charge responsibility of an elderly person , but being a nanny , looking after the pets , taking care of elderly people for certain time of the day (mostly , the time is set according to family members when they are not around) etc also comes under becoming a care taker. You may be hard to find a family who will adjust with your time schedule but once you get the job , a good profitable money can be made out of it.

Caretaker | Corporate Staff | Nanny & Butler (

4. Freelance writer

Making money as a freelance writer has now become a full time carrier of people. The opportunities in this sector is extreme vast. With your skills with writing BLOGS , B2B WRITING , EMAILS , ARTICLES and many more formal writings you can pursue your job as a freelance writer. It is a very profitable job which you can later convert into an actual job carrier.

What Is The Salary For Freelance Writers 2022? | Jobs Files

5. An online influencer

We spend a lot of time on social media. We usually tend to get entertainment through it from people who have successfully created a carrier out of it. Great Influencers in the internet have dedicated their time and life to the work they present in the media , which has made them have a very profitable job with it. As a student , you have a great opportunity to become a content creator or an influencer of limited audience and limited budget. This will take time based on the effort you put in , but once you establish yourself to it , it does help in making good money.

How You Can Build A Career As An Influencer (

6. Host watering

Working as a professional waiter will require you certain qualifications and experiences but for a host waiter you may not need such things. The job of host watering is very flexible for a student who wishes to earn total in one shot. You may take time out of your weekly schedule and work as a host waiter once in a while. It is not like a regular job and that might be seen as its drawback. But from an economic perspective it is a profitable work to go along with studies.

How to Become A Host/Waiter in 2022: Step by Step Guide And Career Paths — Zippia

These are just a few outlook to the most flexible jobs you may pursue as a student. There are greater opportunities out there if you have certain skill and talent.



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