[content warning: violence, trauma, harassment]

The irony is not lost on me that I incited a tidal wave of harassment from Reddit’s cesspit of toxicity because I went in there to talk about working on anti-harassment software. It was the perfect case in point for why we’re building what we’re…

Tracy Chou says being sexually harassed, threatened, and stalked has been her entrepreneurial endurance training

A photo of a woman running on a desert trail, her left foot kicking up dirt.
Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty Images

I recently hit an 11.5-mile rocky trail run through the desert, up 1,600 feet of elevation gain. As I traversed through unknown terrain, up rocky inclines and through dried-out river washes, my feet slipping through the sand and gravel, one thought kept drifting through my mind. A mile on this…

A meditation on being a startup founder

It’s been almost 20 years and I still remember the dread of Mile Day in high school gym class: four terrible loops around the track, greeted at the graceless end by the rest of the class long awaiting us, some of the cool popular athletic girls laughing in that mean…

The best things I did for myself in 2018: Got Lasik. Reclaimed singleness. Invested in friendships that have been far more fulfilling than any romantic relationships I’ve ever had. Froze my eggs. Read lots of books. Set myself free from my 100 miles/month running goal and worked through all of Kayla BBG weeks 1–12 and 13–24 instead. Visited lots of countries. Learned to love solo travel. Presented in an art show. Learned GraphQL. Started hand lettering. Moved to London.

What’s upcoming in 2019? I’m moving back to San Francisco. I’m looking forward to fresh California produce and healthy eating, cold brew, yoga, good running weather, fast Internet, LTE speeds on my phone again, and most importantly, my friends and all the really inspiring ambitious techfolk of SF. And I’m working on a new startup! Which means less travel, less speaking, more focus, more building.

75 books 📚
41 non-fiction 🖊
18 by female authors 🤦🏻‍♀️
A more global perspective this year, reflecting my travels — including Zimbabwe, Botswana, China, UK, Sweden, Czechia, Germany, Portugal 🌍
One theme around trauma, abuse, and sociopathy — very enlightening, very resonant, a good area of learning and growth for me this year…

By Tracy Chou @triketora and Elisa Mala @elisa_mala

Step 1. The invite.

Watch Crazy Rich Asians. Not once, not twice, but three times, each. Between two of you, that’s six times altogether. Maybe even go to the LA premiere and interview some of the cast on the red carpet. …

I’m unexpectedly emotional when it comes to Crazy Rich Asians. The last time I could see even a reflection of myself in a movie’s main character was Mulan, 20 years ago. And now! Here is Rachel Chu: an ABC who grew up in the Bay Area, went to Stanford, now…

A well-respected figure in tech recently asked me if I might like to co-author a piece with him on the subject of diversity. As we sat down to brainstorm, he joked, as an almost apologetic preface: “Just to be clear, I haven’t sexually harassed anyone, so I’m not doing this…

Me, not thinking about the humanities.

In 2005, the late writer David Foster Wallace delivered a now-famous commencement address. It starts with the story of the fish in water, who spend their lives not even knowing what water is. They are naively unaware of the ocean that permits their existence, and the currents that carry them.

At the risk of making an overly superlative declaration:

Wow, 2016 was the worst.

As you can see, it’s a struggle for me to check my cynicism. I — and all of us, really — learned a lot of hard lessons about humans this year. (And to be uncomfortably honest…

Tracy Chou

CEO and founder of Block Party, co-founder of Project Include, software engineer and diversity & inclusion advocate

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