Let’s talk about one of the most frustrating moments of each day — time when you have to wake up. Some of us are night owls. Some of us are early birds. But most of us need to get out of bed at a certain time unless you want to hear something like that.

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Many studies, tutorials and zen techniques have been developed to help people control their internal alarm clock so it would kick them out of bed on time. I do understand that going to bed at the same time builds a habit of getting up at the…

Android community seems to be actively looking for the right architecture for their apps. We’ve passed through the chaos of findViewById and setting the listeners manually, we’ve embraced ButterKnife and now we’re carefully looking at Google Data Binding library.

Here at Trikita we like to discover new paths. We’ve made Anvil when there was no sane UI library that would handle data binding. Now Anvil is pretty mature and works well with both Java and Kotlin. It’s not an official Google solution, but we all know that not every library sold by Google is worth it.

Recently we’ve been so…

Android is probably the second most popular development platform after the web. Web development practices tend to change every month if not every week. As soon as a tool or a library becomes mature and stable — they call it deprecated and seek for a new replacement. Now let’s see how Android development tools and paradigms have evolved over the past few years and how it compares to the web.

Year 2010: classic Android

In 2010 we’ve been all still learning Android. We wrote UI layouts in XMLs and had the following code in every activity:

This resembles a lot of the jQuery…


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