You’re Not Voting For Hillary To Protect Me
Morgan Visser


Thank you for sharing your perspective.

You state: “Stop pretending like you’re voting for Hillary because you care about other marginalized people — you fucking don’t. You’re voting for Hillary because the other proto-fascist, Trump, threatens you directly. You’re voting for Hillary because you’ll get yours and you don’t care about the other marginalized people that it will come at the expense of — that will be severely harmed and put in danger under a Clinton presidency.”

I have to respectfully disagree with that statement. I am voting for Hillary because I think a Trump presidency is worse for me, my family, my neighbors, and my fellow citizens, including marginalized people.

I’m the first to state that I don’t have the perspective of many marginalized people, but for a number of reasons I think that Hillary is a better choice than Trump. For example, the ACA; Trump’s candidacy normalizing bigotry among our citizenry, including towards marginalized people; Trump’s complete lack of foreign policy knowledge; and the list goes on. These issues affect all of us.

Telling me that I “don’t fucking care” about marginalized people may be the way it seems from the your point of view but I think it sells me and many of your fellow citizens of short. I DO care, and I do try to act consistent with that caring.