To 14 From 28

You are not the sum of your mother’s shortcomings or your father’s absence.

You are not the worthless nothing undeserving lovers will try to convince you you are.

You won’t have it all figured out by 21, and you certainly won’t have it all together by 25.

You’ll have to take the long way on the difficult route to your dreams, and you’ll need to prepare for detours and delays.

You’ll even become a statistic…or few

But don’t worry. None of these will ever define you. The issues, mistakes, obstacles, feelings, doubts, concerns…they won’t stop. They won’t ever completely go away. That’s the bad news. The good news is, your heart, resilience, worthiness and brilliance won’t go away either…and these are the things that define you. This is who you are. An invincible liver AND giver of life.

So…I don’t know what 42 looks like yet. But I know that by 28 you’ll beat a lot of the odds stacked against you, and defy the gravity of anxiety which you’ll overcome every time no matter how close to death you feel in those moments (oh, and that’s another thing…you’ll escape the tight grip of your own death twice).

You won’t arrive at destiny unscathed and on time. But you’ll acquire a history of experiences that bear witness to your prowess and distinction as you journey there. And I will personally see to it that, no matter what, you’ll get there in time.