Where Is The Respect?

Let’s examine the video that influenced me to start this blog series.

Source: YouTube

Does this video still look familiar?

If you have been following my blogs, you may recognize the image above. That image was a video still from the now famous video, #MoreThanMean. In this video, sports reporters, who happen to be women, were read mean tweets by a group of men. What these men did not know was that these mean tweets go from funny to down right disrespectful comments no one should have written to them. From comments like, “I hope your dog is ran over”, “We only hire female reporters when we need blowjobs” and “I hope you are Bill Cosby’s next victim”, it is sad to realize that these were real comments made by men to women.

I do not understand why some men think or thought these comments were okay. If guys think they know so much about sports than the women, why are they not reporting about them? Being behind a keyboard and thinking that you may never meet this person, gives anyone a lot of confidence to say what you want. Yet, when you come face to face with the person you disrespected…my do people cave in and finally feel guilty.

Readers, here is a word of advice, if you cannot walk the walk and talk the talk, do not say anything at all. This video is a clear example of when #Keyboardthugging goes wrong.