The best recruiter is one that understands not only the companies and positions — but also the technologies, and even the people filling those roles. Build a rapport and trust and soon you’ll find you actually have some candidates coming to you.
10 Things Every Recruiter Should Know About Finding a Good “Web Developer”

This. There are so many recruiters out there, who could be great recruiters if they simply took note of this. Being in recruiting is being in the business of people, yet so many recruiters seem to forget that. As a recruiter who specialized in front-end development positions, this was what made me successful. I have friends now because of it. I had people approach me because an engineer referred them to me after working with me. As in most things in life, if you put people first, that’s where you’ll find success.

Thanks for writing this, Christopher! I’ll definitely be sharing with some old recruiting pals. This is valuable, and from my experience, is exactly how to be effective.

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