Towards ending gender based violence,

It is my hope that mental violence shall be addressed. I have no figures, but I believe victims are out there. I want to bring this into consideration, for a mere reason I believe we are lucking potential creativity due to negative thoughts planted into our neuron system during our teenage. Whereas while some of us where in our teenage just because we couldn’t showcase our best we were always addressed as failures. We were always dressed in shameful identities just because we were slow learners, sometimes filled with a lot of curiosity and engaged into several positive and negative activities, we never had a chance to be groomed as expected successful people in future.

We might consider this not an important element of violence just because the victims have no physical scars or seen bruises on their bodies that has successfully tattooed an abandoned woman or fractured an innocent fifteen years old child, but how about having a generation of young men and women who end up in drugs, robbery and sex workers just because they where made to believe that is where they belong.

I also believe that, we are surrounded with several survivors of mental violence, but we fail to accept it and take the courage to address it strongly within our communities, we might as well accept but do not believe it to be a reason of one not to pursue their dreams, just because at a point of life we had the grace of facing our fears and be who we are today.

Lets all take a minute and think of a child surrounded with failing phrases in his or her life journey, surrounded with economic boundaries and limited positive opportunities, imagine again the power to cure the impossible lies in his arms, how many lives are we losing out of this.

It is an imaginary writing, what if this is real. #EndViolance #16daysofactivism.

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