How Famous is Tom Hanks?

Well, Tom Hanks is an amazing philanthropist, actor, activist, and overall pleasant human being. His movies like Big, Forrest Gump, Apollo, Philadelphia, Splash, A League of Their Own, are only a couple out of several Tom Hank films that are amazing.

Tom Hanks has a Twitter page, like many other celebrities.

Tom Hanks has over 12 million followers on Twitter and follows 24 people like Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Rita Wilson (aka his wife), and apparently Taylor Swift.

Tom Hanks is pretty weird when it comes to his Twitter posts.

His posts for the past month have either been about automobiles or finding articles of clothing outside at a park.

Though Tom Hanks does have a Twitter, he is absolutely not famous for it. He is famous for his amazing movies. He was famous before Twitter even came out.

Forrest Gump (1994)

Tom Hanks does not really reply to people on his Twitter. Basically, he has a Twitter so he can fool around with it, like most people who have Twitter.

Tom Hanks does not tweet himself, but he does tweet his wife Rita Wilson, like any good husband should do I guess.

Rita Wilson (Tom Hank’s Wife)

Tom Hanks does not have an MO, but he would probably want people to enjoy there lives and have fun.

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