Just Another Dear Future Husband Letter

Dear Future Husband,

I am not sure you exist but in case you do, please know this:

I do not need you.

I do not need you to be happy.

I know where pleasures forevermore are found and it is not in you.

I do not need you to help me.

I have gone through tough times without you and I have been rescued, delivered, saved but not by you.

I do not need you to make me feel complete.

I am already whole and I already have everything I need.

I do not need you to be pursued.

I have already been pursued, sought after, in fact, even suffered and died for.

I do not need you to be well-taken care of especially when I grow old.

I know I will never be abandoned nor be left to fend for myself even when my hair turns gray.

In fact, I am quite afraid of you.

You might make me sad so I would understand better that only in God’s presence indeed shall I find fullness of joy.

You might bring me to tough times so that more than ever I would run to my Rescuer, Deliverer and Saviour.

You might make me feel I am not enough so that I’ll cling to the truth that the Lord is my Shepherd and I lack nothing at all.

You might make me feel unloved and unwanted and not worthy of any sacrifice so that I’ll choose to believe that I am loved and I am worth all the pain, shame and death of the Creator of this universe.

You might get terribly sick, die early and leave me with children to raise by myself so that I would witness the might and care of the Almighty One who always looks after widows and orphans.

I hope you realize that I do not need you.

But if you exist, and you turn from being my future husband into my present spouse,

I hope the fact that I do not need you for my happiness, satisfaction, wholeness, rescue, provision and care would free you.

I hope you’d be free to soar heights you’ve never known before.

I hope you would be free to be the strong man that you have been created to be.

I hope you would be free to be the man who would love God more than anything and anyone else.

I do not need you.

I hope you know that you do not need me either.

But if the Author of our stories would bring us together,
I know it will be beautiful.

Because He makes everything beautiful in His time.


Your Future Wife

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